In order to provide a unified user experience and enable code reuse, the editors for symbols, schematic, padstack, package and board are all based on the interactive manipulator.

How to select the right tool

To edit the things on screen, use the tools. Tools can be started in multiple ways:

  • By typing in the tool’s key sequence. Available key sequences are listed by clicking the help button in the top right corner or typing ?.

  • By using the Spacebar Menu. Just start typing for the tool you’re looking for or browse through the list.

  • By right clicking an object. This will bring up context menu listing all the tools relevant to what’s selected.

  • By pressing one of the dedicated buttons in the top bar.

After having started a tool, it receives all keyboard and mouse input, till the tool is finished or you end it by pressing Esc. Look at the bar that appeared at the bottom of the canvas to see what pressing keys will to in this particular tool.

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