Setting up a pool

There are two ways of setting up a pool. If you are familiar with the version control system git and want to be in direct control of your repository you can use the git workflow below, if not, just use the pool manager.


If you’re familiar with git, just clone clone horizon-pool somewhere and you’re good to go. You’re supposed to use git to keep your local copy up to date and submit new parts.

Pool manager

Don’t know how to git? No problem! Double-click horizon-eda.exe or launch ./horizon-eda from your shell and click on ‘Download…’ to download the pool. The default pool horizon-eda/horizon-pool is the one you want to use. The pool manager will assist you in keeping your pool up-to-date, see the “Remote” tab. It will also assist you by creating a fork, branches, commits and pull requests on your behalf so you can contribute to the pool without any git knowledge.

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