Board, package and padstack editor use the widget shown below to specify how layers are displayed.


The selected layer is called the “work layer” and is always visible and drawn on top of all other layers. Use Page up/down to move the work layer to the next or previous layer. Pressing 1 selects the “Top Copper” layer, 2 selects the “Bottom Copper” layer, 3 0 select inner layers if present.

Clicking on the eye toggles a layer’s visibility. Keep in mind that the work layer is always visible even if it’s set to be invisible.

Clicking on the colored box cycles through a layer’s display modes:

  • Solid color: Layer is drawn with outlines and fill, overlapping filled objects on the same layer will appear brighter.

  • Solid color with black border: Layer is drawn just filled, overlapping objects look the same as non-overlapping ones.

  • Black with colored border: Layer is drawn just with outlines.

  • Striped: Same as first, but areas are striped rather than filled.