Moving and the interactive manipulator

Move with Mouse

You can move parts and nets by selecting them and typing m, press Alt to move on a fine grid. The movment of the selected object has its origin (or pivot) point right at the spot where the interactive manipulator was, when you started the move tool.

This can be used to our advantage, because it allows us to move objects that have been placed on a finer grid without snapping them back to the coarse grid.

Move with Keyboard

By using the ←/↑/↓/→ arrow keys you can move the selected object one grid step into the desired direction. If you press Alt at the same time you will move the part on the fine grid (1/10 of the original grid). Because this is also a tool, you can cancel it by pressing Esc and finish it by pressing Enter or clicking onto a empty spot.

Move Exactly

The “Move exactly” tool allows you to enter numbers to move an object by an exact number of units (e.g. 1 mm) into the desired direction. You can start the tool by pressing M


You can flip symbols or parts by pressing e. If you use this on the board editor, it is the same as flipping the part onto the other side


You can rotate objects by 90° if you press r or select the “rotate” tool. If you like to rotate a object by something else (e.g. 30° or 45°) use the “Rotate arbitrary” tool. The pivot point of the rotation is always the location of the interactive manipulator, so make sure it is at the right spot